I don't know Odin very well, What I do know and have learned about him, he's a very lovable dog, He is a very correct dog with a correct coat,excellent movement, The best part is, he is very,I mean, A very very calm and affectionate dog,when he was with me and Penny.  He isn't a vocal dog. He is the dog everyone is searching for, A beautiful friendly calm affectionate companion That can get the job in the field out hunting then come home and be in the house 12 months out of the year and be a very calm quiet companion, Isn't that what most people search for in dog, one that hunts hard with looks and talent and calm demeanor, an individual that has impressed not only me with his personality but many judges in the show ring and in the field. He's a proven sire that throws his talents into the pups he sires and his pups are doing the same. Odin has an AKC conformation  Championship an AKC Canine Good Citizens title, his other accomplishments are in NAVHDA with an NA pass. it his talents that his parents passed on to him, He wasn't perfect that day, He loves water but sometimes on test day, they make you scratch your head....

Owner Jack Myles and Odin hunting North Dakota Pheasant and Sharptail, It doesn't get much better than this.


Penny is a calm dog, with a go get-um attitude, she has style and a huge love of water, 

Penny has had one litter of which 5 pups tested and earned their NAVHDA NA hunt test titles, She earned a litter award, to earn the award you must have 4 pups enter and Finnish with a 90 point score minimum, We had a couple hiccups but managed to average 105 out of a 112 possible score. Her pups scores were, 112,110,108,106,93 for 2 PZ1 dogs,,2 PZ2 dogs and a PZ3.. All pups Penny had are very friendly affectionate dogs that had Hi energy and hunt very hard with a ton of talent, This breeding, I'm expecting the same, but with a calmer more relaxed personality that waits patiently for Dad or mom to grab a shotgun and go hunting. 

Penny with her pup Gunner honoring/backing mom up on a planted pheasant, 

Adventure's Gunnery Sergeant NA UTP

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Easy on the eye's and quality in the field

These pups make some nice foot hunting dogs, that hunt hard and then come home and lay around waiting for the next hunt

Odin with one of his daughters.

 ODINS health clearances  

CHIC #:  71361

OFA (Hips):  GWP-3462E25M-VPI, Excellent

OFA (Elbows):  GWP-EL416M25-VPI, Normal

OFA (Thyroid):  GWP-TH185/32M-VPI, Normal

OFA (Cardiac):  GWP-CA54/50M//C-VPI-ECHO, Normal

OFA (vWD):  GWP-VW50/40M-VPI, Normal

OFA (EYES Feb’13):  GWP-EYE11/29F-VPI, Normal

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Inverness Whiskey Lullaby NA 112-I

Am GCH Inverness Solo Xtravagence

Am CH Alexander CGC, NA-II, JH

Am CH Inverness Undefined Grace CGC

Am CH Inverness You Only Live Once HAE 

Penny with her male pup Gunner NA 1

Penny's Health clearances 

 GWP-EL824F42-PI Elbow 

 GWP-4111F42F-PI Hips